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Hellin Olive Oil

The great Greek poet Homer (8th century BC) called olive oil “the liquid gold” and the father of medicine Hippocrates (4th century BC) referred to it as “the great healer”.
Olive oil is pressed from the flesh of the olive and it is the first oil that mankind ever used for nutritional purposes. Originally it was produced by wild olives that grew in many regions of Greece. In antiquity, the olive tree stood as a symbol of peace and victory.
It was the favorite tree of Athena, the patron goddess of the city of Athens. In ancient Greece olive oil was used in many ways. Olive oil is known for its nutrients and its beneficial effect on the human body. It is a valuable elixir for human health and diet, and the main ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine.

HELLIN olive oil is produced by the unique “Koroneiki” variety olives which are being cultivated in the fertile region of southern Peloponnese in Greece. The olive pulp is cold-pressed in a process that complies with the highest cultivation, production and bottling standards. This way all valuable nutrients are preserved without any additives or further processing. You may thus enjoy the worldwide best extra-virgin olive oil at home.
Produced by cold extraction of the fresh olives of the Koroneiki variety from the cultivation region of Sterna – Messinia