According to Professor Norman Farnworth, – distinguished Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Illinois – 74% of all prescription drugs today originated from traditional plants.Science has for long been trying to discover and decode the amazing healing properties of the chemical world of plants. Recently, these studies have managed to give us certain herbal compounds with special properties for medical treatment and health. Some of these stimulate the production of anticancer enzymes, others inactivate other specific chemicals that cause cancer, others have an antioxidant effect, protecting the body from the free radicals that accelerate ageing and cause diseases, others have effects on microbes, viruses and fungi, destroying them through their microbicidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties. Others boost the immune system.
One of these is Oleuropein which is derived from olive leaves. The olive tree (olea), an old classic name, belongs to the family of Oleaceae. The genus
includes about 50 species of shrubs and evergreen trees, perennials that are found in many places. The most noteworthy variety is the worldwide known European olive tree (Olea europaea sativa).